The models need to be major, so 18 years old or more depending on your location, to work on our system.

  You need a PC to work on our system, Mac are not supported. The computer(s) shall be Pentium 3 500mhz or higher with Windows 2000, Xp or Vista with at least 256 megs of ram.

  You need a broadband connection that have at least 150 Kilobits per second (kbps) and it needs to be stable for each models.

  We recommend high end web cameras for a better quality such as Sony EVI cameras that have zoom, pan and tilt ability. You can also use camcorder with moving head. There is some usual webcam that are good enough but we do not recommend them. The camera must be able to capture 30 frames per second in 320x240.

  We recommend Osprey or Aver for better performance. There is many other type of capture card that is working well with our system, as long as they can capture in 320x240 at 30 frames per second.

  The models need a microphone for private session, there is no restriction about microphone type you need to use, but its more handy to have one that is discreet and hand free.

  For a nice, clean and colorful image it's necessary to have a good light setup. Usual home lights are not sufficient to provide that. You need photography spots, work lights or warm neons setup. You can also use diffusers or filters to improve the quality.

  If you want to get paid weekly, you will need a bank or Payoneer account to receive your payouts.